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Welcome to SilverSenshi.net!
Thanks to Aud @ burnup.net I finally have a layout for my website! Silvesenshi.net was born in August of 2001 when I bought the domain name to house my websites - the first of which was a website for my now deceased rpg SM Revolution. More sites were added, and some have been taken away. What is left are the few sites I still consider active. My interest in Sailor Moon has wanned, so I'm not sure what else to do with this domain besides leave up the sites I do have.

Silver Moon - A site that houses mainly writing - essays and fiction - that are SM related.
SSSN - Silver Senshi Shrine Network - A listing of Characters Shrines of Quality.
Ginzuishou Doumei - An SM Domain listing.
Michiru.org - Shrine to Kaiou Michiru, Sailor Neptune.
Trading Cards - Where I store my collection.
World Three - An Ah My Goddess Trading Card Game.

WWW - Affiliates and Links
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